Cindy Duncan

Candidate for NEW ENGLAND

[email protected]

Cindy is 57 years of age, and is the mother of one and grandmother of two. She was born and raised a country girl. Her parents were old school, and they taught her respect for the law, equal justice and love for our great country. Politics was a staple diet in her home and remains so today. Her family supports and believes in her and her decision to run for public office to serve the Australian people.

In late November 2016, she returned to her roots, the country. Living at Drake provided her with the time and space to heal from an abusive relationship. This was the situation she found herself in, but it never defined who she was or is. She emerged with strength, restored self-esteem and great resiliency. These tremendous gains were achieved through absolute conviction and tenacity that change was achievable.

Her times in the Army, owning and operating her own business, a variety of employment and continued learning (i.e. legal secretary, real estate, creative writing and counselling) have given her discipline; good business instincts, skills and knowledge that will all come into play in helping her in the coming election for the New England electorate.

“Australia is at a political and social precipice,” says Cindy on the state of the country. “As Australians, it’s time we recognised just how far our political leaders have neglected us, their citizens and our nation’s resources. It’s time we unite and correct the careless dereliction that LNP and ALP government have enforced upon us with wilful disregard. UAP provide sound policies that I believe can correct the mistakes made by past governments thus helping all Australians, not the select few.”