Cassandra Duffill

Candidate for WRIGHT

[email protected]

Cassandra is a 45-year-old qualified marketing specialist, as well as a qualified naturopath and medicinal herbalist. She is happily married and a mum of two boys, 12 and 15.

For the past eight years she has owned and managed Health Haven Naturopathy, which she started as a single parent. Economic issues caused by the last 18 months led to the closure of the business.

Cassandra has seen firsthand how an overreaching government can have disastrous consequences for small businesses and the families that run them.

However, in true Australian spirit, she overcame adversity and has since started a Marketing & Business Consultancy, where she supports natural health practitioners with marketing their businesses.

Cassandra and her family live on a small acreage on the Gold Coast, where she enjoys spending time in the garden, growing her own produce and has been moving towards being self-sustaining.