Caelum Schild

SA - Senate 2

[email protected]

Caelum lives in Adelaide Hills with his wife and two young children. He has been fortunate to call this area home his whole life.

During this time, he has been an active member of the Adelaide Hills community, mostly with various sporting clubs which he continues to enjoy.

For over 12 years he has been working in Allied Health at a local small business in a Clinical and Managerial role. In this role he works primarily with older adults, people living with a disability and people who want to improve their chronic medical conditions.

He holds membership and accreditation through Exercise & Sports Science Australia (ESSA). He was a state chapter representative of ESSA from 2013-2016 where I helped to build the recognition of Exercise Physiology within the state.

Caelum is passionate about returning South Australia to being a prosperous destination for all young people to find a job and raise a family.

“Being a father of 2, I would like to see my children grow up and enjoy the opportunities, freedoms and Australian values that I’ve been blessed with.” says Caelum.