Bruce Ridgway

Candidate for HOTHAM

[email protected]

UAP welcomes candidate Bruce Ridgway to Hotham electorate

Born, raised, and educated in Melbourne, Bruce represents the Australian community. He understands the unique needs of Australian workers from his own diverse employment experience in banking, hospitality and fitness industries.

His dedication to the martial arts has strengthened his core values of respect, integrity, character and service to self and to others. Bruce also shares by teaching martial arts to thousands of children and adults and his involvement in a charitable organisation.

Bruce says: “I believe Australia has been let down by generations of politicians. Australians deserve better, it’s time to be represented by people committed to their communities, who lead with conviction and make decisions that benefit ALL Australians.”

“I advocate for a self-sufficient economy, a higher quality education system and more diverse options in healthcare. I want to unite the country I love and stop the rot. Becoming a candidate in Hotham will help achieve this goal,” he said.