Benjamin Britton

Candidate for CUNNINGHAM

[email protected]

Benjamin was born in Caringbah, Sydney, his mother a cleaner from Victoria and his father an 11-year Navy Marine Engineer from the ACT.

Growing up Benjamin’s only dream was to serve the nation in the Army as a soldier and in 2007 he turned that goal into a reality when he was posted to the third Battalion Royal Australian Regiment as an Infantry Paratrooper.

In 2008 Benjamin was part of the Ready Company Group (RCG) and was deployed to Timor-Leste where he spent eight months.

Following his seven-year stint in the Army, Benjamin struggled both mental and physical issues relating to his service, having suffered two injuries.

Although unfortunate, Benjamin believes these struggles have given him great insight into defence/veteran affairs and the government’s complete incompetency and inadequacy to assist veterans and their families.

After leaving the Army Benjamin has studied a variety of fields and has tried his hand at various occupations.

Benjamin currently works as a Chief Information Security Officer for a defence contractor and does private work in providing cyber security frameworks and advice.

He holds qualifications in personal training, hostile environment close protection, advanced first aid, city and guild teaching (UK), Tok Pisin (official language of Papua New Guinea), cyber security, encryption specialist and other IT qualifications.

However, despite his various endeavours and vocations Benjamin says nothing compares to the satisfaction he felt serving the Australian people.

Benjamin said he is running as a candidate to stand up for everyday Australian’s.

“I cannot stand back anymore and watch while peoples freedoms are being eroded and politicians are doing absolutely nothing to stop it,” he said.