Anthony Tawaf


[email protected]

Anthony has lived in the electorate since his teenage years after migrating to Australia from Egypt in 1967.

He has two daughters and was a sole parent for 20 years, taking care of his young family until they finished schooling and both got married. He is now a grandfather of four young boys and a former business owner of a large commercial cleaning company.

He has since sold this company, and in 1986, he started a time share company for marketing and selling time share holidays on the Gold Coast. He maintained this and his showroom until the recession in 1992, at which point he was forced to fold the company down. This included his 77 staff, and he attributes the economic downturn the Keating Labor Government.

Later on he took on a real estate Management Diploma Course at Western Sydney University, then he started my own real estate agency. He has since sold this business in order to spend quality time with his late wife in her last twelve months in her life, whilst she was ill with an incurable disease.

Now, he is devoting all of his time and expertise to win this election and restore Australia to its former greatness.