Andrew Cuthbertson

Candidate for HAWKE

[email protected]

Andrew was born and educated in country Victoria before making Melbourne his home. He has a 30+ year career as a self-employed entrepreneur in the travel, hospitality and IT industries.

He has been married to his wife for 22 years and we they have two daughters, both currently studying at University in Melbourne.

“Australia needs change. For too long we have had big government that believes it can operate without transparency or accountability to those who elected them. We need a federal government that will defend our constitution and the people of all states that it should protect.” says Andrew.

“Politics was never a career I wanted or had even considered until 2020. Like many of you I have watched in despair, often tears, as hard-working Australians lost their life’s work and the subsequent broken families.

We watched the suffering of our children and the elderly, isolated and alone, while feeling powerless to help.”

“The unchecked Government overreach into the lives of Australians must stop and the only way to achieve this is with change. I, like all UAP candidates, am passionate and driven to see real change in Australia and to ensure a better country for our future generations.”