Alex Van der End

Candidate for FLINDERS

[email protected]

Alex says he joined the UAP because he is fed up with Liberal and Labor. Alex has varied experience including 16 years in military and law enforcement roles, 10 years in healthcare, as well as his many years of involvement volunteering in non-profit organisations seeking to make a positive difference in the local community.  

He is a small business owner and he understands the challenges small businesses face, and the daily struggles affecting the average person and their family. 

With the dramatic rise in the cost of living, and the major parties focused on their own narrow interests he believes it has never been a more important time to have a representative in Flinders who will stand up and fight for people and their families who have been neglected by the Liberal and Labor duopoly. 

A vote for Alex is a vote for your freedoms and rights to be restored.  “Both Liberal and Labor have failed us, and it is time to put people first.” says Alex.