Alan Hennessy

TAS - Senate 2

[email protected]

High-schooled in Canberra, Alan Hennessy graduated in 1973 and as a teenager spent many days and nights sitting in the public gallery of both Houses in what is now known as ‘Old Parliament House’. He greatly enjoyed the debates. They were intelligent, thorough, robust, sometimes fiery but (almost) always respectful. Those days are now rarely seen.

Alan has worked around Australia and overseas as an officer in the RAAF and as a QANTAS pilot. From 1975 to 1986 he served full-time in the ADF, then transferred to the Reserve until his retirement in June 2021. Those 45-plus years in military service saw him working as an air traffic controller in Pearce (WA) and in Darwin, then selected for pilot training in 1979.

After graduation, he flew P3C Orion maritime patrol aircraft, spent a period as an aide-de-camp, then flew C130H transports for a few years. This also involved the additional role as one of his Squadron’s Flight Commanders.

Alan was as also a NSW police officer for several years. Alan’s goal is to stop the erosion of our rule of law, restore honesty and transparency to Parliament, while reinstating common justice and humanity in Australia by publicly exposing the lies and revealing the truth.