Adam Jannis

Candidate for CALARE

[email protected]

Adam, a passionate health and fitness educator and business owner, grew up in his family’s fish and chip shop, in Wellington, New South Wales. He started schooling at Wellington Christian School before continuing at St Mary’s Catholic School until finishing year 10.

Adam gained a hands-on education in business working behind the counter at the fish shop after school and on most weekends growing up, before starting full time after finishing school.

Although he grew up in a fish shop, Adam discovered his passion for fitness at a young age and decided to pursue a career in health, starting his vocation as a personal trainer in his early 20s.

‘I’ve always enjoyed serving my community, whether it was serving people food, or through my health and fitness coaching business, I’ve always loved helping people by making some small difference in their lives,’ he said.

Adam decided to put his hand up and run as a federal member of Parliament for the seat of Calare because he is eager to be a voice for his electorate.

‘I love my community, and this beautiful region, I want to stand up for the people of Calare and Australia by bringing some new ideas to Canberra,’ he said.

‘I’m frustrated with the total lack of leadership and clear direction from our government during this pandemic, as well as promoting ‘public health advice’ which is counter to the interests of public health through lockdowns, social isolation, restricting exercise and limiting exposure to direct sunlight and fresh air.

‘It sickens me the way our individual freedoms have been trampled and stripped away using this pandemic as a blatant power grab. We have to keep our government accountable and transparent, he said.’