Media release

Statement from Clive Palmer, Federal Leader of the United Australia Party

There has been a lot of speculation with regard to preferences for the forthcoming federal election.

The United Australia Party will win government, consequently our preferences may never be distributed.

The Labor Party and the Greens are joined at the hip. The Greens’ policy is future Labor policy, therefore both Parties must be considered together.

The United Australia Party has major concerns over the proposed death tax, franking credits, capital gains tax, negative gearing proposal and the leadership of Bill Shorten who has shown during this campaign that he is not capable to lead the country and has no ticker.

It is beyond belief that the Greens also want to get rid of our defence forces and subject Australians to potential foreign invasion.

We are sick of Labor and the foreign funded ‘GetUp’ movement pretending to act in Australia’s interest when they are acting to shrink our economy for the benefit of overseas interests.

Looking at other parties, it is clear that Pauline Hanson’s One Nation has lost the plot. It was greatly disappointing to hear One Nation would sell out our country to foreign interests for $20 million. It was further upsetting that Pauline Hanson would become self-appointed party president for life, showing no respect for the democratic process.

Considering Liberal, I couldn’t ignore that the party’s economic management has been superior to that of the previous Gillard and Rudd Labor Governments.

In the final analysis, a poor economy is a bad result for all Australians.

Therefore, our United Australia Party executive has decided we will be preferencing the LNP.

We still believe that for a better Australia it is most important that people Vote 1 for the United Australia Party and not Labor or other parties who are only interested in putting themselves first.

We expect to win government. The United Australia Party will put Australia first and make Australia great.

Our polling shows that as well as the 15% of Australians who, over a month away from polling day have decided to vote for the United Australia Party, that more than 28% of Australians are at this stage undecided.

I believe that one thing those 28% of Australians have decided is they are not going to vote for the established Parties and will instead vote for the United Australia Party to bring about real change in Australia for their families.

The United Australia Party is standing in 151 seats in the House of Representatives and in the Senate in each state.

“The United Australia Party cares about each and every Australian and wants to give them the opportunity for a better and more prosperous future. Put Australia first and together we can achieve the extraordinary,” Mr Palmer said.