Christopher Ball

Candidate for MACKELLAR

[email protected]

Christopher is a Northern Beaches man sixty-six years young. He was born in Manly hospital and has lived on the beaches for most of his life. Christopher has been a Narrabeen resident since 2016 where he lives with his partner Tina. He has three accomplished adult children and seven wonderful grandchildren.

His favourite activities are swimming, snorkelling, e-bike riding, and enjoys an active lifestyle. From the early ’80s to the late 90’s Christopher was involved in full-time Christian ministry and has had the privilege of seeing many lives changed for the better. More recently, Christopher’s time has been focused on online sales and marketing, and trading.

Politically, Christopher has voted Liberal all his voting life, until now. Not anymore. The tyranny we are witnessing is unacceptable, unconstitutional, and even frightening – so Christopher decided it is time do something. The Australia he knew, the lucky country is now, sadly, divided and broken. He is motivated and wants to see strong leadership that unites Australians with real workable choices.